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    Hello Anita,
    Thanks for reaching out! We have a feature for our Campaigns called "Archiving" that will allow you to accomplish exactly what you're looking for!

    If you are the Owner of a campaign (or a Global Admin in a few weeks will also have this capability), when you navigate into the Sandbox of the Campaign, you will see a button underneath the "Edit Details" that is titled "Archiving." If you are not the Owner of the campaign, you can find out who is by looking in the top right corner of the Sandbox. You can then ask them to Archive the campaign. You (or they) can see the Archive button here -

    Clicking this button will allow the Campaign to be hidden from all of your filters and options when creating a new Campaign. You can still find all of these archived Campaigns in the Campaigns view or by using the Search feature. The default view of Campaigns will list all available Campaigns on the account and you can easily filter down from there.

    Please reach out if you have any additional questions!

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    Anita Walser Lindberg

    Thank you for your answer! I've missed that button completely. :-)

    A few follow-up questions though:

    • Use case: I want to create a report of what had been going on in say June. The archived campaign doesn't show up. I would like to see that we'd had a campaign going on at that time even though the campaign is now over.
    • What is the difference between "previous campaigns" and "archived campaigns" (filter option in the campaign tab)? Not the technical difference, when do you propose to actually archive a campaign instead of just letting it be? Since the archived campaign doesn't show up in the calendar, I maybe would prefer to NOT archive them but filter them away.
    • I would like to have a column in the campaign tab view that says "active" or "archived" to quickly be able to see that (if I don't want to filter on them).


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    Hi Anita,

    To answer your questions in order:

    1. As long as you don't have a filter in place for different statuses, all Campaigns will show if you are in the Campaign tab, including Archived. If you are in the Campaign tab trying to pull a report of what happened in June, you can select that date range from the Dates filter and it will show you all of the campaigns that started after June 1st and ended before June 30th, regardless of status. To show campaigns that are starting or ending beyond those dates, you will need to expand your date range.

    2. The best way to view the Archive function is: "We're completely done with this and I want to find it in the Campaign tab, but I don't want to see it anywhere else." So if you have a need to view a campaign in the Calendar tab still, then maybe you're not ready to archive it yet. If you wish to filter them out of the Calendar view, you can do that by selecting campaigns by name that you wish to see from the Content Strategy filter.

    3. It is on our Product Roadmap to eventually add a Status column to the Campaigns tab, so glad to hear that is something you are interested in seeing as well.

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