Ongoing campaigns



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    Tony Stillwell

    Hi Jon! Always appreciate your feedback.

    The way our campaigns work right require they have a deadline, so we know where to put them on the calendar. I will bring up the suggestion of open ended campaigns to the rest of the product team for consideration but it won't be something we can start looking at seriously until the majority of our redesign is complete.



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    Jon Ezzell

    That makes sense. Thanks for the consideration. I'll figure out the best option (tags, categories, etc.) of the other capabilities for our team to track what we need for these items. 

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    Brody Dorland

    If I may chime in... Hey Jon!

    Your original post mentioned "ongoing topic". That's exactly what our Topic/Category field is intended to store. During onboarding, we help customers nail down such things as important "ongoing topics" and target audiences that should be the focus of their content. When that meta data has been added (Calendar Admin > Content Strategy tab), and subsequent content items tagged with that data, Divvy's filters and reporting features come to life. 

    So, if you've added that Topic and tagged multiple pieces of content with that topic, you'll be able to use our content strategy filters in several places throughout DivvyHQ (ex: filter the Calendar by topic, filter your Content list by topic, run a report in your content Archive of all content you've produced on that topic. 

    Campaigns work in a similar way, but campaigns are designed to manage time-bound initiatives like product launches and events that will need lots of content. 

    I hope that makes sense!

    Take care,


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